Announcing the Bellini Sewalong! September 06 2014

Do you want to tackle an intermediate pattern but need a bit of guidance for some of the more complex techniques?

Do you enjoy the collaborative learning environment of a sewalong?

Would you like gentle support and encouragement from me over the next month?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ll be delighted to learn that I will be hosting a sewalong for the Bellini blouse over the next few weeks. The sewalong will contain detailed notes, photos and videos to help you step-by-step as you sew your blouse. You’ll learn techniques such as French seams for a clean finish, and how to make a rolled hem on your machine. I’ll also be covering bias-faced armholes and stitching-in-the ditch. These will be fully photographed tutorials and you’ll be able to ask me questions at any time.

Finished blouses will be displayed here on the blog on the 9th of October.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Today: Sewalong announcement and schedule
  • 7th Sept: Printing and assembling your PDF pattern
  • 8th Sept: Designing your blouse. Choosing a fabric (or fabrics)
  • 9th Sept: Designing your blouse. Embellishment
  • 10th Sept: Determining your size. Some common pattern alterations
  • 11th Sept: FBA tutorial
  • 12th Sept: Grading up tutorial
  • 13th Sept: Preparing your fabric and cutting your pieces. Iron on the interfacing
  • 15th Sept: Step 1. French seam at the shoulder
  • 17th Sept: Step 2. Assembling the collar
  • 19th Sept: Step 3. Attaching the collar and front facings
  • 22nd Sept: Step 4. Binding the armholes
  • 24th Sept: Step 5. Side seams
  • 26th Sept: Step 6. Finish the facings
  • 29th Sept: Step 7. The machine rolled hem
  • 1st Oct: Step 8. Buttons and buttonholes
  • 9th Oct: Finish! Gallery of finished blouses/linky party

You can view all the posts in the Bellini sewalong at any time by clicking here.


I made a sewalong badge in case you want to display it on your own blogs. Feel free to use it however you wish. Right click on the image and save it to your computer, then you can add it to your page. If you want to link it back to the sewalong, please use this link:


In case you haven’t got your Bellini pattern yet, you can find it here.

You’ll also need 1.0m of 150cm wide fabric, or 1.7m of 115cm wide fabric, for the blouse (there will be some notes on fabric choices in a few days). You need interfacing for the front facings and one of the collar pieces, plus five buttons and matching thread. A metre of bias binding is optional, as I’ll be going through how to make your own during the sew along.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some notes on printing and assembling your pattern. Please leave any questions or comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can see all the posts! Just pop this URL into your RSS reader:

So, who would like to participate and sew along with the group? Let me know in the comments!