One Week, One Pattern roundup: The art of the selfie September 21 2014

If you're following me on Instagram, you'll know that last week I accepted Handmade Jane's OWOP (one week, one pattern) challenge to wear garments made from the same pattern all week. I had a lot of fun with this!

I chose to wear the Bellini blouse all week, as I thought it was suitably versatile. I also have quite a few of these already in my wardrobe.

Here's a quick roundup of how I wore and styled my Bellinis!



Saturday was a great day. I started OWOP wearing the Bellini I'd prepared for the sewalong (spoiler alert! This is how it comes out). It's made from an old sheet, which you may remember from shirts such as this one

We spent the morning cooking our own fish and chips for the first time ever (only the second time we ever deep-fried anything, so actually it went quite well...).

I grew up at the British Seaside so fish and chips is actually one of my favourite dishes.

We added our own 'secret' ingredient!



On Sunday I had lunch with my bestie, Hannah (of I watched this on purpose fame) in Shad Thames. I tried to take a good selfie from London Bridge, but didn't do a terribly good job. Turns out taking selfies is hard.

Thankfully Hannah was there to help me get some better pictures.

I wore my peach silk Bellini View B, with jeans and a blazer, adding a necklace for fun.

Did someone say peach Bellini?



Ah, Monday. I wore another Bellini View A made from old sheets, this one has flowers on it though.



On Tuesday I attended a work event at the OXO tower on the South Bank. I wore my gem-embellished Bellini with a smart jacket over and matching skirt. No jewellery required ;-)

The event included lunch with a choice of miniature desserts (pictured!).

There was a great view from the venue and thankfully it was good enough weather for some pictures!



On Wednesday I wore my black Bellini dressed down with jeans and army green jacket for a casual dinner with my friend. Still haven't got the hang of the selfie, as you can see.



On Thursday I styled the same black Bellini with this red lace skirt plus a co-ordinating necklace for work meetings.




Friday I repeated the flowery sheet Bellini with a refashioned tank top in co-ordinating colours for a dressed down work look. It was a slightly cooler day so the jumper was pretty practical.



Overall I loved coming up with different ways to wear my Bellinis. Did you take part in OWOP this year? How did you find it?