Champagne Hack: Sporty Scuba Skirt! January 16 2015

Happy new year, sewists! I'm back after a short pause with a quick idea for hacking the Champagne skirt into something a bit sportier.

All I did was to shorten the skirt front and back pieces - this changes the proportions of the skirt significantly. I then added the flounce as normal.

I actually shortened mine all the way to where the lengthen/shorten line is marked on the pattern pieces. That made it pretty short! I would say this is about as short as you'd want to go (for the sake of decency!), but who am I to dictate? Go as short as you dare!

For a sportswear feel, I chose scuba material for this skirt. Now, if you haven't worked with scuba before, it's basically thick jersey with a limited amount of stretch. The Champagne skirt isn't designed to be made with stretch fabrics, but I got away with it because the scuba is relatively stable. If you're considering doing the same, here are some things to consider.

A skirt like this one does need a bit of structure, so don't use regular jersey, it's too drape-y. Scuba or ponte knits (or even neoprene) may work, depending on the exact properties of your fabric.

The scuba is stretchy enough to get the skirt on without a zip, so I left the zip out. It can be tricky to successfully apply zips in stretch fabrics.

The waistband is stretchy, so you'll want to ensure your skirt will stay up when you're wearing it. I was ready to apply a wide elastic inside the waistband, but the skirt didn't need it, so I didn't.

Scuba doesn't need hemming. The hem on my skirt is just the raw edge of the material. Since Champagne is intended to have a narrow hem anyway, it has only 5mm hem allowance. So I didn't bother cutting the hem allowance off as it didn't change the proportions of the skirt much at all.

You can see I've added the flounce from View B, as the View A one didn't really lend itself to the sporty look.

Anyway, I sewed this up in about an hour and was pretty happy with it. Here it is on.

Front seam looks reasonably straight because the scuba is stable enough to support the shape.

Looking at this back picture, the back seam could have done with pressing after all... I swear it didn't look like that at home!

Are you embracing the sportswear look for spring? Have you ever sewn with scuba? Any suggestions for future Champagne hacks you'd like to see me try?