Champagne Hack: Go mad with trims! January 22 2015

Here's another quick and easy idea for hacking the Champagne skirt into something different: trims!

All you have to do is make up the skirt without either of the flounce options and add the trim of your choice. Don't forget that you need to choose a wide trim that ideally is loose on one edge, that is, it will let you walk in the skirt when it's finished. Fringing, of any length, would be ideal. You need around 90cm of trim for the size 8 skirt, up to 110cm for the 18, plus seam allowance at either end. 

For my black crepe Champagne, I chose black feathers! These came with the stems (?) of the feathers glued to a ribbon, so I pressed the seam allowance up and pinned on the ribbon to the wrong side of the skirt. Then I topstitched it together, close to the edge all the way around. Note that the ribbon is inside the skirt so it's hidden - if you were adding fringing you might want to add the trim to the right side (outside). The skirt is lined down to the feathers only (that is, I cut only the skirt front and skirt back pieces from lining).

This skirt is SO much fun to wear. It's dramatic without being too in-your-face because of the tonal colour. The feathers actually shine dark green when they catch the light. Very exotic.

What do you think, are you an advocate of fringing and feathers, or do you think I've finally gone completely mad? What trim would you add... dangling lampshade pom poms, anyone?