Ski White Russian! April 16 2015

I'm a bit late posting this as the pictures are from a few weeks ago, but here it is anyway... I made a ski White Russian!

I confess that I decided to do this after seeing a superb snowboarding White Russian by Aimee at Guild of Goods. When I saw her pictures I was like, why didn't I think of that? Such a great idea! I'm a keen skier and WR is so obviously suitable for sportswear as well as pure fashion. Aimee made a really fun applique based on the motif of her home town of Rochester, NY. For mine, I decided on a snowflake (cause I'm such a special snowflake) as a geometric, not too girly motif that suited snow wear. I started by drawing out the shape of a snowflake on the computer - that meant I could tweak it as much as I wanted, and easily copy and paste it another seven times to make a completely symmetrical snowflake.

I printed it and traced it onto tracing paper.

You can see it didn't quite fit onto two pages, so I had to copy/paste one corner which I added to the other page... haha!

With the design traced, I cut a piece of polyester batting big enough to cover the whole design.

I then placed the batting behind my sweatshirt front and the tracing paper on top, and pinned securely through all three layers. A lot of pins are required to hold it absolutely still while you sew. You could totally hand baste this on if you were worried about accidentally sewing over a pin.

Then, the fun part. Sew along all the lines! This was a bit time consuming as the design was rather complex - a lot more complicated than the lion or fox designs that come with the pattern. I think I finished it in a little over an hour. I chose matching thread for a fairly subtle effect, but white could also have been good.

Here's how it looked at this point.

The next step is to gently tear away the paper leaving the lovely stitching. Note that I have not back-stitched at any point - I left long tails every time.

I pulled the thread tails to the wrong side and tied them in a knot (a double overhand, knot fans!), and then trimmed, leaving about 10mm tails. This makes it nice and secure as the knots are unlikely to come undone with such long tails. You could trim them closer if you wanted, but I figured they weren't seen anyway.

I trimmed the batting quite close to the design to avoid any folding over of the excess while wearing - that doesn't look good.

The rest of the sweatshirt was just made up as normal, using self fabric for the cuffs, hem and neck.

Here it is on. Looking at these pictures now, the ice blue colour combined with the snowflake (possibly combined with the plaits) does give it a slight air of 'Elsa from Frozen' but I'm totally embracing that look.

I can report that it was comfortable to wear for skiing, though I did get a bit warm in the end, largely down to the weather I think.

Here's the full outfit including my Surf to Summit base layer with sleeve mitts, which you can read all about here.

Next year I want to make a navy one with fuchsia piping... or can sweatshirt knits be flatlocked?! Tune in this time next year to find out.