It's All Going Swimmingly: Maison Fleur 8101 July 22 2015

Greetings, sewists! I bring you another chapter in my saga of sewing sportswear - this time it's the brand new Maison Fleur 8101 halter neck swimsuit.

I bought this pattern on the day it was released as I had been looking for the right pattern to expand my collection of one pieces. I love them, but they are generally too short in the body for me (a common problem), making them a bit uncomfortable. I figured a properly fitting one piece would be a great asset on my recent trip to Portugal, so I got started straight away.

I used leftovers from the Bombshell suit I made a couple of years ago for my trip to Kenya - read all about that here.

This fabric I think is intended for dancewear, so it's perhaps a bit too thick for a proper swimsuit. Certainly with my Bombshell (above), with its multiple layers, it was too thick to go into the water and was restricted to sunbathing/posing only...

Anyway, since I was using up stash materials, I used most of the rest of the navy thick fabric and a small piece of the original lining which I dug out. I found that I didn't have any swimwear elastic left, so I used regular elastic - let's just say I like to live dangerously.

I added contrasting topstitching for a bit of fun, though actually, you can't really see it in the final pictures so I'm debating whether that was worth it.

(Construction shots are from my Instagram - follow me here if you aren't already!).

The only alteration I made to the pattern was to lengthen all the pieces 3cm above the waist, which is normal for me. I also added a row of elastic under the bust for support, which worked a treat, so I recommend that if you are thinking of making this.

The pattern went together easily enough, though making metres and metres of ties was a bit of a chore. I used a blunt needle and threaded the tail ends from the seam down inside and pulled it through (like you would with a rouleaux loop) as I haven't got a loop turner. The seam thread snapped as I was pulling it through during turning a couple of times so in the end I just left them like that and hoped for the best. The look fine, but I dare say it would be easier with thinner material.

The side ties look cute but looking at these pictures my eye is really drawn to the ruching as though it's some kind of fitting error - possibly I am just being paranoid.

In fact, the only thing I would change is to tighten up the elastic along the back edge as it felt a bit loose.

Other than that, the suit performed well for sunbathing, drinking cocktails and even swimming - here is photo evidence that it actually did get wet:

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am - cheers!

PS. You can read about more makes from my trip to the Algarve, including lots of lovely pictures of the scenery, on my other blog, here.

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