Cosmo Sewalong: Applying the lace trim October 23 2015

Welcome back, sewalongers. Today we are going to be attaching our lace trim that we made to our bodice.

Pin the trim onto the bodice, matching the top edge of the lace with the top edge of the fabric/lining.

Note that it's important to start and finish sewing the trim on, 3cm from the end. This is to allow for the zip insertion (which will be covered in another post).

Sew the trim on using a small, narrow zig zag. You're sewing through all three layers: lace, fabric, lining.

Follow the design lines in the lace for best effect - around the flowers or shapes. It's up to you whether you choose a path close to the top of the dress, or close to the bottom of the trim, but try and keep it consistent. Also, be aware that you should sew closer to the top edge if you want more coverage in your final dress.

You can the stitching better in the photo below, which is from the inside.

For the back of the dress, I chose a path closer to the top edge of the lace, for bra coverage.

This would have meant cutting off an awful lot of my trim though. So I cheated a bit and sewed two passes - one taking a higher path, one taking a lower path.

Very carefully, using small scissors or applique scissors if you have them, trim the lace below the stitching line. Cut as close to the stitches as you dare. Note that if your stitching dexterity left something to be desired and you've gone straight through a flower, cut around the flower anyway, keeping it whole. It will look better.

My camera found that picture of red difficult for some reason! Here's a better picture of the trimmed lace.

The next step is to carefully trim the fabric and lining to the stitching line (from above). The fabric shouldn't fray because of the off-grain trimming and the zig zag stitch, so no need to worry about finishing the edge.

Here's the back lace, cut to the lower stitching line.

Here you can see I trimmed the back fabric down to the higher stitching line, so some lace flowers had fabric behind them, for coverage. It's cheating a bit, but I don't think it's too noticeable.

You should be starting to see the shape of your dress emerging!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below.