Carolyn Pyjamas – as a Night Shirt July 02 2016

Hi everyone! I made some nightwear/loungewear recently and wanted to share it with you. I have been coveting the Carolyn Pyjama pattern from Closet Case Files for quite a while and finally got around to doing something about it.

Carolyn comes as a pyjama top with long or short sleeves, plus pyjama trousers or shorts. I chose to extend the top into a night shirt (because that’s just how I roll), and it worked out beautifully.

To make the night shirt, I graded between sizes (going up one size at the waist and hip compared to the top) and lengthened the shirt at the hem quite a lot. As simple as that!

I added a monogram to the pocket, which I think is a lovely idea and gives it a nice luxury touch. I backed this part of the pocket with a bit of interfacing before hand sewing it.

My fabric is a rather heavy blouse weight polyester in a lovely ivory colour. Unfortunately it was very difficult to press, hence the hem looks a bit bubbly in these pictures, but I did my best. Probably my only regret is the fabric could have done with being a bit thinner now that it’s summer (it worked great in winter). I may have to make another summer version!

The instructions for making the lapel and collar are beautifully done and it was all very easy to follow. So if you are thinking of making this but perhaps being put off by the collar, don’t be, you can do it!

The contrast fabric I used for piping is a light pink ‘silky’ jacquard with a floral pattern woven into it. I just love this colour for night wear. The piping has thin string in it, which in retrospect might be a little stiff, but it gives the piping a lovely round shape. I folded the seam allowances to the opposite side to the piping and topstitched them down to try and hold it flat, and it’s quite a lot of layers on that side. Because my fabric is a bit too thick, and combined with the stiffness of the string, the cuff seams ended up very stiff compared to the cuffs themselves so the piping stands a bit proud (doesn’t drape in the same way). But I’m nitpicking. I’m very happy with this night shirt and have worn it a lot.

My very own monogrammed luxury sleep wear!

I also made a matching dressing gown from the pink fabric – more on that shortly!