Kate's A-line 60s dress - draft your own! February 16 2019

Kate's kelly green 60s style A-line dress has a gorgeous dart configuration and interesting pocket detail. Here's a quick tutorial to draft your own version.

kate middleton green dress

The dart configuration is unusual - while it looks like there are three darts there are actually only two since the vertical part is simply a join at the centre front. This shape is accented with topstitching on either side of the seam/darts. The centre front seam joins a wide neck band.

kate middleton green dress 2
The pockets are cool too!  I suspect they are faux pockets (which is what I've drawn in the tutorial below). Studying this photograph, I believe the maker cut a pocket flap shaped hole in the dress, faced it with fashion fabric, then added another layer of fabric behind the faced hole and topstitched it in place. 
kate middleton green dress 3
Here's my quick tutorial for drafting a version of this dress.
1. Take your favourite A-line dress pattern, put the sleeves to one side, and remove the seam allowances from the front and back pieces.
You could consider raising the shoulder at the sleeve end slightly to make room for a shoulder pad, if you like (not shown here).
Raise the neckline (if appropriate) to hug the base of the neck, on the back and front of the dress. Draw a line 3-4cm inside the neckline, again on the back and front of the dress (back isn't shown here), and cut that part off - this neck band will be a separate pattern piece.
kate dress pattern 1
2. Move the dart point to the true bust point - this is probably an extension parallel to the dart direction, around 2cm (you could measure this on your body if needed). Draw a new dart line from the bust point towards the centre front at 30 degrees above the horizontal. Slash along this line (and one of the original dart lines) and rotate the top section around the bust point to close the original dart. 
kate dress pattern 2
3. Draw the pocket shape and position it on dress front. Shorten the new dart around 2cm and add seam allowances everywhere (no seam allowance at centre front as it is cut on the fold). Draw a pocket facing (top drawing on the right below) and pocket backing (lower right below). Mark the button position.
kate dress pattern 3
4. Sew it up in kelly green boucle and wear with a killer blow dry and ankle boots! Don't forget to share it on Instagram - and please tag the new Capital Chic account @capitalchicpatterns !