NEW PATTERNS ALERT! Winter 2016 Collection launches today November 18 2016

It's pattern launch day! I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on for the Winter 2016 collection. I know it's been a while coming, so thanks for sticking with me for this long!

Anyway, there are four new patterns in this collection...

Firstly there is a shirt/shirt dress I have named Cuba Libre. This one came about because I wanted a classic blousy silk shirt and couldn't find a pattern I liked. Most shirt patterns I found were very slim fitting and I wanted something much looser to balance out the very fitted high waisted pencil skirts that I think work well on my figure. So here's the result - Cuba Libre is super-loose with pockets and pocket flaps on the front, a nice big collar with a collar stand and proper cuffs with tower plackets.

Capital Chic Cuba Libre


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