Bellini Sewalong: Guest post on grading up from Another Little Crafty Creation! September 12 2014

Today we have a guest post from Alison over at Another Little Crafty Creation. Alison is going to show us how she graded up her Bellini blouse beyond the size range shown in the size chart.

You can see Alison's beautiful Bellini blouse with lace collar (and Champagne skirt!) here.

Take it away, Alison!


You'll need: Printed pattern, measurements, ruler/curves, pens/pencils, tissue paper.


Bellini Sewalong: Guest post on the full bust adjustment from Kadiddlehopper! September 11 2014

Howdy, y'all! Katie from Kadiddlehopper here and I am so pleased to be guest posting here on the Capital Chic blog! Sally's patterns are truly inspired and I am honored to be just a small part of this project. I'm here today to show you all how to do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) on your Capital Chic Bellini top. If you found that your Bellini was a bit too snug for your girls, then this post is for you! Read more...