Ski White Russian! April 16 2015

I'm a bit late posting this as the pictures are from a few weeks ago, but here it is anyway... I made a ski White Russian!

I confess that I decided to do this after seeing a superb snowboarding White Russian by Aimee at Guild of Goods. When I saw her pictures I was like, why didn't I think of that? Such a great idea! I'm a keen skier and WR is so obviously suitable for sportswear as well as pure fashion. Aimee made a really fun applique based on the motif of her home town of Rochester, NY. For mine, I decided on a snowflake (cause I'm such a special snowflake) as a geometric, not too girly motif that suited snow wear. I started by drawing out the shape of a snowflake on the computer - that meant I could tweak it as much as I wanted, and easily copy and paste it another seven times to make a completely symmetrical snowflake.

I printed it and traced it onto tracing paper.

You can see it didn't quite fit onto two pages, so I had to copy/paste one corner which I added to the other page... haha!


Sewing Sportswear March 19 2015

It's not often you see me in sportswear, but I do make an exception for one week a year. For last month's ski trip, I wanted to raise my game a bit in terms of ski style and purchased an entirely new outfit in my new colours of navy and fuchsia.

Here's me out showshoeing in my new togs.

I did feel a bit disappointed when checking out the opportunities for matching base layers; of course, the most obvious choice for me would be to make something. But where to start? I wasn't aware of a huge amount of sportswear patterns or fabric out there, but it turns out, there are several options. I settled on the Fehr Trade Surf to Summit top for my base layer as it's designed specifically for sports base layers, running tops and that sort of thing. I have seen several versions pop up in the blogosphere, but it was Winnie's white version that really sold it to me.

Anyway, after consulting Melissa for some fabric advice, I ordered some samples of breathable jerseys, and decided on this fuchsia Tactel from Tia Knight. It's nothing like the colour shown on the website, the colour is much nicer in real life, and was a decent, if not perfect, match for my new salopettes. It's really stretchy too.

Taping and cutting the pattern was absolutely no problem and I finished it easily during an episode of 'House'. I cut the XS based on the size chart, lengthening the torso 3cm above the waist (totally standard for my figure) and I added about 5cm to the hem to be on the safe side. Having a long torso means tops that are too short are a particular pet hate of mine.

Next came a decision about the stitching. I wanted to try 'flatlocking', like you see on RTW sportswear, and I had heard it could be achieved with only a regular overlocker (not coverstitch). Half an hour of googling later and I had a pretty good idea about what to do; in the end it took an hour fiddling with the overlocker and some samples to produce a passable flatlock.