Pinstripe Pattern Puzzle February 03 2015

Are you guys reading Studio Faro’s blog, Well Suited?

These days you can find it at, but it’s just moved there from where you can still see a full archive. A ‘Pattern Puzzle’ is posted on their facebook page every weekend, in which readers try to guess what the garment looks like just by looking at the pattern pieces, and the solution follows on the blog. They are often fiendishly difficult puzzles, though the solutions are often surprisingly straightforward. I love it! Recommended reading for anyone interested in how patterns work.

Anyway, once I found this blog a few months back I had a good read as far back through the archives as I could. My favourite pattern puzzle was this one from May 2014.

I believe the original inspiration for this skirt was Donna Karan, but it’s been lost in the mists of time. But, HOW good would this look made up in pinstripes? I decided to draft up my own version to find out.

I split up my skirt block as per the diagrams and ended up with the following pattern pieces (note the grainlines):


Champagne Hack: Go mad with trims! January 22 2015

Here's another quick and easy idea for hacking the Champagne skirt into something different: trims!


Champagne Hack: Sporty Scuba Skirt! January 16 2015

Happy new year, sewists! I'm back after a short pause with a quick idea for hacking the Champagne skirt into something a bit sportier.

All I did was to shorten the skirt front and back pieces. This changes the proportions of the skirt significantly.

I actually shortened mine all the way to where the lengthen/shorten line is marked on the pattern pieces. That made it pretty short! I would say this is about as short as you'd want to go (for the sake of decency!), but who am I to dictate? Go as short as you dare!


One Week, One Pattern roundup: The art of the selfie September 21 2014

If you're following me on Instagram, you'll know that last week I accepted Handmade Jane's OWOP (one week, one pattern) challenge to wear garments made from the same pattern all week. I had a lot of fun with this!

I chose to wear the Bellini blouse all week, as I thought it was suitably versatile. I also have quite a few of these already in my wardrobe.

Here's a quick roundup of how I wore and styled my Bellinis!



Saturday was a great day. I started OWOP wearing the Bellini I'd prepared for the sewalong (spoiler alert! This is how it comes out). It's made from an old sheet, which you may remember from shirts such as this one

We spent the morning cooking our own fish and chips for the first time ever (only the second time we ever deep-fried anything, so actually it went quite well...).