Ski White Russian! April 16 2015

I'm a bit late posting this as the pictures are from a few weeks ago, but here it is anyway... I made a ski White Russian!

I confess that I decided to do this after seeing a superb snowboarding White Russian by Aimee at Guild of Goods. When I saw her pictures I was like, why didn't I think of that? Such a great idea! I'm a keen skier and WR is so obviously suitable for sportswear as well as pure fashion. Aimee made a really fun applique based on the motif of her home town of Rochester, NY. For mine, I decided on a snowflake (cause I'm such a special snowflake) as a geometric, not too girly motif that suited snow wear. I started by drawing out the shape of a snowflake on the computer - that meant I could tweak it as much as I wanted, and easily copy and paste it another seven times to make a completely symmetrical snowflake.

I printed it and traced it onto tracing paper.

You can see it didn't quite fit onto two pages, so I had to copy/paste one corner which I added to the other page... haha!


White Russian’s inspiration: designer animal sweatshirts July 22 2014

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White Russian’s inspiration most definitely came from the many quilted sweatshirts that appeared from designer and RTW companies over the winter. The trends seemed to be quilted fabrics and/or appliques of animal motifs. It wasn’t until I saw a slim green quilted sweatshirt on fellow blogger Kathryn that I realised how much I wanted one.
Plain quilted fabrics were the most chic, in my mind, like this one from Reiss.